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Frettas Italian Food Specialty - Est 1906
Frettas Italian Food Specialty

FrettasFretta's Italian Food Specialties is an Italian deli and so much more. Featuring imported and store-made Italian food specialties, catering, take-out lunch & dinner and fresh mozzarella made daily. You can also get the best store-made cannolis in town.

Established in 1906, Fretta's is the oldest pork store in America. An authentic salumeria specializing in the finest homemade and imported Italian food products, Fretta's is currently owned and operated by Joseph Fretta and his wife Denice.

The first Fretta "Pork Store" was opened in Little Italy, New York City, by Louis Fretta and his three sons, John, Joseph and Ralph. Third Generation proprietors John and Anthony, sons of Joseph and Ralph, respectively, opened stores in Brooklyn, New York and continued to run the Little Italy store until passing this family tradition on to its current fourth generation proprietor, Joseph Fretta.

As the demand for authentic Italian food specialties dwindled in the neighborhoods surrounding the New York City stores, the store in Little Italy, New York City, was closed in 1994, and the last store in Brooklyn, New York City, closed in 1997. Looking for a place to raise his family and operate his business, Joseph, along with his wife Denice and their two sons, relocated to Milford, Pennsylvania in 1998.

Since 1998 this Fourth generation owner/operator is proud of his decision to move, and of the hard work by his staff, friends, family and the customer loyalty that makes it possible for the oldest pork store in America to continue to operate in Milford, Pennsylvania.

Frettas Italian Food Specialty